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Communities Project

Building successful relationships with local communities is the key to community conservation. We partner with various organisations that have existing community projects and educate them about snakes and snake safety. Our goal is to work with different communities in the Hoedspruit area and share our knowledge about snakes to encourage harmonious living with snakes.


Seeds of  light project

Seeds of light is an non-profit organisation that empowers individuals and communities in rural and underserved areas. We have partnered with them to specifically educate the girls that they work with and encourage them to be less afraid of snakes. Through their art classes, we hope that reptiles become an inspiration for some of the art pieces that they create.

Nourish Eco-Village

Nourish Eco Village is an organisation that provides a platform to link conservation with community issues and ideals, and finding integrated sustainable solutions to issues plaguing conservation such as wildlife crime, poverty, low levels of education and food insecurity. We work with them to provide a perspective from the less charismatic wildlife (reptiles). We encourage the learners to understand why it is important to live in harmony with snakes and their benefits to our ecosystems.

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